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Alpha Exotics is the car rental club in NYC that makes it easy to enjoy the feel of luxury and style on the road without being tied down to one vehicle. Save yourself the maintenance, monthly payment, and other hassles of luxury car ownership and simply enjoy the ride with our three membership options.

These membership options allow you to enjoy some of the most sought-after sport and luxury cars on the market for yourself with affordable pricing that lets you pick and choose your vibe for everything from solo cruising to corporate events, weddings, and more.

With three different membership levels to choose from, you’re free to choose the package that fits your needs and your budget.

Our Membership Plans

All of our packages offer access to all vehicles, have a 3 car per month minimum, and mileage requirements.


Our silver package offers access to all our beautiful vehicles for $500 a month. Choose from our inventory of high-end luxury vehicles and enjoy them for up to 125 miles a day.

*3 car per month minimum. Mileage penalty of $3 per mile.

Gold -$1,000

Our gold package offers access to entire inventory of vehicles for $1,000 a month.You’ll enjoy these beautiful cars and SUVs for up to 200 miles per day.

*3 car per month minimum. Mileage penalty of $3 per mile.

Platinum- $1,500

Our platinum package offers access to the entire inventory of luxury and sport vehicles with a mileage allowance of up to 300 miles per day for the ultimate freedom to enjoy these amazing vehicles.

*3 car per month minimum. Mileage penalty of $3 per mile.

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